HUM to cover vernissage of Venice Biennale 2019

The HUM team is incredibly excited to attend the opening week of the Venice Biennale from 7 - 12th May 2019, enabling us to bring live, exclusive coverage of the opening of the New Zealand pavilion and other New Zealand projects in Venice.

In 2017, HUM created a specific section on its website dedicated to Aotearoa creatives in Venice, and we will continue to use it this year, with an updated section for our 2019 coverage, alongside our newsletter and social media platforms.

We’re looking forward to seeing the New Zealand pavilion and Dane Mitchell’s project, ‘Post Hoc’. Having interviewed the Commissioner for the exhibition, Dame Jenny Gibbs (which you can read here ), we’ve been lucky to have insight into the planning and selection of Mitchell’s work.

“Dane Mitchell’s work was chosen because it’s a very intriguing, very technically sophisticated project. The artist also has a track record of delivering but we also knew it would challenge the Venice authorities. They’ve not had anybody using multiple sites like this and needing the bandwidth for transmitting. There’ll be an app for people to access the transmission. And there’ll be a small post at each site with a sign on it, which will tell you what’s happening.”

Contemporary HUM aims to cover not only the New Zealand pavilion at the Biennale, but other New Zealand artists participating in collateral events of the Biennale. Notably, this year’s Personal Structures exhibition at the Palazzo Bembo includes NZ sculptor Virginia King.

Each day we’ll be posting short blogs covering the vernissage, as well as live updates throughout the week on our social media channels. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more, and check out our future blogs here on the NZ in Venice section of HUM!

About Us: Pauline Autet was an attendant at the New Zealand pavilion in 2015. She speaks fluent Italian, French and English and is an experienced arts editor and project coordinator. Pauline has exceptional contacts in the art world in Europe as well as New Zealand. She is HUM’s founding editor.

Hannah Murray was an attendant at the New Zealand Pavilion in 2017 and has extensive experience in the museum and gallery sector, both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She manages the social media and the wider community of HUM.

Genista Jurgens is a freelance arts writer and visual researcher from New Zealand who has been based in Europe (Berlin and Portugal) for the past eight years. She manages the PR and dissemination for Contemporary HUM and writes for key online arts publications including Ocula and Format Magazine.

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