Karyn Taylor at Personal Structures

Today we had the chance to preview this year's Personal Structures show Open Borders, organised by Global Art Affairs and hosted by the European Cultural Centre across three Venetian venues: Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Bembo and the Giardini Marinaressa.

As in previous years, artists from around the world were invited to take part, including three New Zealanders in 2017 - Bruce Barber, Paul Handley and Kāryn Taylor. We met up with Taylor to ask her about Field Notations (2017), a multimedia installation she produced for the show. The work, in line with the artist's broader practice, is inspired by ongoing research into quantum physics and the relationship between the nature of consciousness and reality.

Installed in situ at Palazzo Mora, the work exists as three drawings in space, comprised of physical, painted and projected lines. The resulting geometrical shapes play with the viewer's perception of what is real and illusory, physical or virtual, light or shadow.

We'll be featuring a full interview with Kāryn Taylor in the coming weeks.

All images: Contemporary HUM

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