Always In Transit: a conversation with Yona Lee

Aaron Lister

Sriwhana Spong's Ida-Ida at Spike Island

Leah Reynolds

In conversation with Biljana Popovic

Eleanor Woodhouse

Kate Newby: I can't nail the days down

Chloe Geoghegan

Feminist Hieroglyphics

Louise Lever

Learning from Athens (There and Elsewhere)

Laura Preston & Wystan Curnow

Seeing documenta 14 from the other south

Jon Bywater

An interview with Paul Handley

Contemporary HUM

Panel Discussion

Alastair Carruthers, Mata Aho Collective, Tessa Giblin

Urges of Imprerialism Unravelled

Rhana Devenport

An interview with Jennifer Flay

Pauline Autet

Jan Van Eyck Academy

Raewyn Martyn, Murdoch Stephens & Paoletta Holst

Passing Torches

Barbara Sirieix & Caterina Riva

The Factory and its Memories

Kari Schmidt

Behind the scenes of Post hoc in Venice

Contemporary HUM

Spin Slowly, Fighting Gravity

Samuel Walsh

Whose Oceania?

Pauline Autet, James Belich, Lana Lopesi & Matariki Williams

Mana Moana in the UK’s year of Captain Cook

Ahilapalapa Rands & Jo Walsh

International Literature Festival Dublin: Responses

Kirsty Gunn & Ashleigh Young

Maddie Leach: The Grief Prophesy

Hjalmar Falk

Joanna Margaret Paul's films tour England

Eleanor Woodhouse

Judy Millar: The Sinew of Space

Jodie Dalgleish

Shannon Te Ao in Edinburgh

Andrew Clifford

An interview with Lisa Reihana

Contemporary HUM

An interview with Kāryn Taylor

Contemporary HUM

Nature at its Queerest

Ulrike Gerhardt

Preparing the Ground

Chloe Barker

An interview with Jennifer Flay

Pauline Autet

Singing with the Bees

Pauline Autet

Reporting from the Front Desk

Chris Winwood

Screaming Strawbears

Tessa Laird

“Nothing consoles you like despair”

Boaz Levin

Push and Pull: My Internal Debate

Jessica Douglas

An Aesthetic Contagion

Marie de Brugerolle

Alexa Wilson: 999, Alchemist Trauma / Power Centre

Jorge De Hoyos

The Symbolic and Actual Order of Things

Carter Imrie-Milne

Michael Illingworth’s London years

Hamish Coney

Learning from Athens (There and Elsewhere)

Laura Preston & Wystan Curnow