Launched​​ in ​​December ​​2016, Contemporary​​ HUM​​ aims​​ to ​​generate critical​​ discussion​​ and​ provide ​​greater visibility​​ of Aotearoa ​​New ​​Zealand ​​visual arts​​ and​​ creative​​ disciplines​​ presented overseas.​

HUM is the first centralised platform dedicated to documenting New Zealand projects abroad, offering a much needed conduit for global exchange.


As an online publication, we commission writers to respond, review and interview artists and art professionals from Aotearoa New Zealand who are working internationally. We also involve international writers, curators and artists in order to draw attention and critical discourse to New Zealand’s contribution in the global arts landscape, to support and nurture the success of our artists, and to encourage knowledge sharing.


HUM’s ​​calendar ​​of ​​events ​​presents ​t​he ​​wide spectrum ​​of ​​projects ​​and ​​disciplines ​​operating abroad, ​​so ​​you ​​can ​follow ​​who ​i​s ​​doing ​​what, where, ​​no ​​matter ​​where ​​you ​​are.  ​


Established ​​by ​two ​​New ​​Zealand ​​art professionals ​​based ​i​n ​​Paris ​​and ​​London, HUM ​initially targeted ​​projects taking ​​place ​i​n Europe, ​​and ​i​s ​​progressively ​​expanding its geographical ​​coverage. Since 2018, HUM covers activity taking place in the Americas too. ​​We ​​work ​​closely ​​with communities ​i​n ​​New ​​Zealand ​​and ​t​he diaspora ​t​o ​​deliver ​t​his ​​project. 



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HUM is the first centralised platform dedicated to New Zealand arts in the global context.



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